Welcome Lotus Cars

Lotus is a leader in the Global Premium Sport Car market. We stand out as a brand dedicated to pure driving experience. Committed to advancing technology with precision and passion, Lotus continues to spearhead research into areas such as autonomous driving, connectivity, intelligence, electrification. Emira, Evija, Evora are representative models that in recent years drive Lotus’ world-wide reputation. Going forward, Lotus’ approach will be based on the principle of “EAS-IP” (Electrify, Amplify, Simplify, Intensify and Personify), a globally R&D strategy, and excellent autonomous driving solutions to create a novel, technology-based driving experience for future global users.

In joining the seL4 Foundation, Lotus is committed to the development and deployment of the seL4 microkernel in the field of autonomous driving, advance Lotus’ automotive operating system to meet the overall functional safety goals of the system, and realize the launch of safe and reliable autonomous driving products.