Ultra96V2 in sel4cp_VMM is cautiously here - initial support

Highlights, briefly…

1. Project “ultra96v2-sel4cpvmm”

The project introduces changes to the three components:
seL4, sel4CP, sel4cp_VMM.

  • Xilinx Linux booting requires SMC calls support in seL4.
    The project uses the SMC cap impelementation
    offered by DornerWorks (approved but not merged).

  • Changes in sel4CP relate to the new capability in seL4.

  • As for sel4cp_VMM, a policy of VM’s SMC calls handling will
    be different from one VMM-PD to another. The project introduces registration
    of a custom handler by PD application as well as it provides the default handler -
    the simplest “pipe” passing calls and responses through.

The project published as sets of patches to the components.

More the details are in the README.md and
Issue #1 -

of the project:

2. Project “petalinux-ultra96v2-sel4cpvmm”

The project enables generation of linux image and minimal rootfs to run VM with sel4cp_VMM.

More details are in README.md of the project:

Status: Linux VM loads to login prompt

Cool! Thanks @nataliya.korovkina. It would be great to have these changes as a PR. I’m mainly interested in what was needed to get a minimal Linux working with the VMM. Ideally it should “just work” after adding the parts required but it’s never that simple. There’s some documentation in the manual on how to do a platform port, but I’m sure it’s missing some bits.

PRs - done. I hope it will work for ZCU102