Microchip PolarFire soc & multicore

Hi guys,
I will start using a PolarFire SOC soon and I need to decide which kernel (ukernel, nanokernel, even baremetal) to use.

I’m really interested in using SEL4 and I’d like to know the status of the multicore compatibility (the last information I’ve found is from 2020). Is it still not-compatible?


The SMP configuration of seL4 does work on RISC-V platforms (e.g. the HiFive Unleashed) so should also work on the PolarFire SoC.

What you might want to be aware of is that the SMP configuration of seL4 is not verified, only single-core is verified at this stage.

That’s nice to hear!
The only information I’ve found related to SMP is that it works on ARM, but not with RISC-V

Ah okay. Did it say somewhere on the seL4 docs website that only single-core is supported on RISC-V? I’d be happy to update the page.

Hi again,
indeed if I check in here (Project Status | seL4 docs), it is said that we have multi-core support (at least for HiFive); but checking the first page I checked (Frequently Asked Questions on seL4 | seL4 docs), it’s said that multi core is supported on x64 & ARM.

So if according to the first link, SMP is supported, as soon as I get the board, I will try it.


Thanks for linking the section that needs updating, once this PR Update FAQ multi-core answer by Ivan-Velickovic · Pull Request #193 · seL4/docs · GitHub is merged then hopefully there shouldn’t be anymore confusion…

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