Camkes-arm-vm + MCS?

So I have been messing with seL4 for about a month now and I have been having a wonderful time! But I would like to do something kind of wacky. I’d like to run a couple of virtual machines like in the vm_multi example…but with MCS. I remember reading on the website awhile back that virtualization + MCS was not supported, but then all the seL4 Foundation changes happened and I can no longer find that reference.

So I was wondering if there is virtualization support with MCS on the public seL4 side yet? (Or maybe the private side github? If so I’d be more than happy to right a toy to test it out on some of the hardware I have here at the house :smile:)

I decided to take a day and play with trying to get the vm_cross_connector and MCS (using the mcs-examples) to play nice together using platform qemu-arm-virt…but I’m currently stuck on a seL4_recv in vm_run_arch after getting a handle_async_event@main.c:909 Not IRQ Message: Unknown label (8) which I suspect is a seL4_Fault_VCPUFault from the MCS telling the thread its budget is up, but honestly I don’t have enough experience yet to really know…so its kind of a guess. I put a bunch of prints in there and I know the Linux Kernel is loaded its almost like its getting right up to the entry point and then faulting.

Anyways any help anyone can provide would be awesome and thanks in advance for any help!