Thanks Collins Aerospace for being Silver Sponsor of the seL4 Summit 2023

The seL4 Foundation thanks Collins Aerospace for becoming a Silver sponsor of the seL4 Summit 2023.

Collins Aerospace, part of seL4 Foundation member Raytheon Technologies, has been a long-time core participant in the seL4 ecosystem. It was a prime contractor in the DARPA HACMS program, which demonstrated the seL4-based incremental cyber retrofit of autonomous military vehicles. This was a major milestone in the growth of seL4, demonstrating that it protects against cyber attacks on real systems in operation. The same team also led the follow-on DARPA CASE program, aiming at designed-in cyber-resiliency, including the seL4-based framework for verified initialisation and configuration of systems architectures.

The seL4 Summit 2023 will take place in Minneapolis, home town of this Collins Aerospace team involved in seL4.

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