Sel4 VMM Virtio Net Related Porting on Other SOC

Hi everyone ,

I was porting vm_virtio_net project on other platforms with Cortex-A55. I met a run error with :

Unhandled offset of 0x14 of size 1, writing 0x2
Assertion failed: !“panic” (/home/kuang/workspace/penoy/system/core/seL4_projects_libs/seL4_projects_libs/libsel4vmmplatsupport/src/drivers/virtio_emul.c: emul_io_out: 109)

While it ran well on qemu with linux kernel version 4.9.189, my linux kernel version for the SOC is 4.14.61. If I replaced the qemu linux kernel with my kernel, the vm_virtio_net project also ran well on the qemu platform.

To my analyzation, your virtio_net driver should be able to support for my platform. Is this related to my dts configuration for PCI node? Or there stiil some work I need to do for libvmmsupport to support my platform?

Thank you very much for investigating this issue. I have created

to track this bug.