SeL4 Research Group Dismantled

Just read on IT News Data61 dismantles research group behind seL4 secure OS

With the ever more pressing need for well secured operating environments, I fear that further work on seL4 might slow. Are there any plans to avert that fate?

Keep clam and don’t panic. As the article says, the seL4 Foundation will take over.

It’s a set-back, and it will impede speed on some parts of the roadmap, but as Axel says, survival is under control with the foundation.

In my view, most of the damage is to D61/CSIRO’s and Australia’s reputation. I don’t see how anyone can see the that organisation as a reliable partner any more and the world is watching.

We’ll be rebuilding the critical mass of research at UNSW. We’ll need to rely more on contributions from the community for a time for maintenance and ecosystem, but I’m optimistic that this will happen. We’ll certainly do our part on the verification side from Proofcraft, and many of the existing foundation members have already made valuable technical contributions (and some financial ones) on the kernel hacking side. We’ll need to step it up, but we’ll come out stronger and seL4 will be more independent.

Innovation Aus report provides some further perspectives on the situation.