seL4 developer hangout/video call

Hi seL4 devs,

a few of us thought it might be nice to talk more directly from time to time rather than only via pull requests, so we’re trialling a seL4 developer hangout/video chat.

The idea for this is to be:

  • informal, about 1h
  • for technical discussions about seL4 and related repositories
  • anyone can join
  • every two weeks, initially for 3 times, then we can decide how we like it

At least one or two technical steering committee (TSC) members will try to be at every one of these, but these are not TSC meetings where formal decisions are made, just technical discussions about whatever people have on their minds.

To provide a starting topic, one thing we’d be interested in is:

  • seL4 boot code

There have been quite a few pull requests in that area, and it’d be nice to know what people’s plans are and how we can keep this part of seL4 high assurance while making it more flexible. Other topics for future meetings could be better support for other language bindings (e.g. Rust), any RFCs that are open or people are thinking about opening, or just discussions about current pull requests or issues.

The first hangout is on

  • Sydney: Wed, Nov 3, 8am
  • Central Europe: Tue, Nov 2, 10pm
  • US Pacific Time: Tue, Nov 2, 2pm

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

(edit: fixed US time zone)

Just confirming that the second instalment of the seL4 developer hangout is happening:

  • Sydney: Wed, Nov 17, 8am
  • Central Europe: Tue, Nov 16, 10pm
  • US West Coast: Tue, Nov 16, 1pm

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Last time, we had 12 people joining, discussion roughly 50/50 about verification and systems topics. We did not end up discussing boot code in great detail, because the people who were most interested in that couldn’t make it on that day, but we talked about various stages board support for seL4, about OS personalities on top of seL4, and Nick gave a bit of an overview of the Icecap project which uses Rust to good effect on top of seL4. (This is not a complete list of topics, just a high-level impression)


And the third in the series:

  • Sydney: Wed, Dec 1, 8am
  • Central Europe: Tue, Nov 30, 10pm
  • US West Coast: Tue, Nov 30, 1pm

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


I’ll stop announcing every instalment here, but link to the website instead – it’s in the Development section of Contact | seL4

Dec 14/15 is the last one in 2021, and the Jan 11/12 the first in 2022.

Adding an announcement here as well, since this one is out of turn: the seL4 developer hangout this week will be shifted by one day, because of the public holiday in Australia.

This means, we’re meeting on Wed for Europe/US and on Thu for Australia:

  • Sydney: Thu, Jan 27, 8am
  • Central Europe: Wed, Jan 26, 10pm
  • US West Coast: Wed, Jan 26, 1pm

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom