The seL4 summit Program is available!

Have a look at the program of the seL4 summit 2023!

We have a great line-up of interesting seL4 work, with a combination of technical research and development, experience reports of seL4 in the field, technical discussions and birds-of-a-feather sessions, as well as a training session on getting started with seL4.

Thanks for the program for the seL4 summit. It looks like a really informative set of talks.

However, I notice that this year’s seL4 summit is “in person” only. Does this mean that it will not be recorded as it was last year? We can’t really afford to fly our employees to Minneapolis. I realise that the summit needs to be fully funded and the seL4 foundation can’t be ‘out of pocket’, so it makes sense not to make recordings publicly available on YouTube like last year, but we’d happily pay the summit entrance fee to get private access to recordings of the talks (it’s the travel + accommodation costs that are prohibitive). I imagine there are many smaller companies in a similar situation, and providing recordings for the cost of the summit registration would probably increase the interest/funding for the summit.

Thanks for the question. The summit will be in person but it will be recorded as last year, with the recording made available shortly after the summit (for free). The difference with last year is that this time it will not be streamed live for remote participants. I hope that answers your question and needs :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the info. That’s good news for all the smaller companies out there!