Pre-RFC: make explicit names for connections in CAmkES optional

Currently, every connection must be given a name in the CAmkES system definition. However, in many cases the name is not used anywhere by the user. It would be convenient, if the name could be omitted and the builder picks a name automatically then. Either from a well defined pattern like conn_<type>_<from>_<to> or just some unique ID. Concerning the language, would be be enough if the name becomes just an optional token or is it better to define some special keyword here?

meta comment: I don’t think CAmkES design suggestions need to go through this particular RFC process.

I think that this is a good idea. We could maybe get away with just no name as every connection should be a unique grouping of instance interfaces and connection type. The name ends up serving as a shorthand for referring to said grouping.

I think the syntax may even look fine without a name too:
connection seL4PicoServerSignal echo_server_control(from echo.echo_control, to picoserver.pico_control);
connection seL4PicoServerSignal(from echo.echo_control, to picoserver.pico_control);