Call for nominations for Special Interest Group Chairs

At this year’s seL4 summit the community expressed strong interest in starting a
number of special interest groups (SIGs) around seL4 and in particular around
the following topics:

  • Virtual machines and virtual machine monitors (SIG VMM)
  • Drivers (SIG Drivers)
  • Multicore design + verification (SIG Multicore)

The multicore verification topic also showed large overlap with interest in
user-level verification at the summit. One suggestion would be to cover both
topics in that SIG.

To start these SIGs, we are calling for the nomation of a chair for each of
them. Anyone can nominate anyone from the seL4 community, including themselves.
If there is more than one nomination who is willing to do the job for a specific
SIG, we will organise a vote and if possible appoint a chair + vice-chair (for
backup). The appointement will be confirmed by the technical steering committee

The main job of the chair of a SIG will be (lightweight) moderatation, keeping
the conversation going, and to be a point of contact with the TSC.

An initial task for the chair would be to lead the discussion on what the SIG
will be about in more detail and what it wants to achieve. Examples could be:

  • to coordinate concrete work
  • to discuss the topic of the SIG
  • to make recommendations to the TSC
  • to work together on RFCs on the topic of the SIG

This should result in a short description that we can use on the seL4 website
and discourse groups for the SIG to describe what its purpose is.

We suggest that the main communciation medium for SIGs be the seL4 discourse
forum, where each SIG could have its own topic area, but we are happy for SIGs
to self-organise differently if they prefer.

Please send nominations to Gerwin Klein
Please indicate which SIG they are for.


(seL4 TSC chair)