Announcing Neptune OS release v0.1.1: A Windows NT personality for seL4

Hi list,

For the past several months I have been working on a project which is to implement a Windows NT personality for the seL4 microkernel, which I have now taken to call “Neptune OS”, named after the codename for Windows 2000. The project has reached the point where I have implemented enough NT primitives such that a keyboard driver stack (taken from the ReactOS source code) can be loaded (as a user process), as well as a command prompt (shell), which is also taken from the ReactOS source code (albeit a very early version of ReactOS). These are all kernel-mode Windows device drivers that I’m running as user processes under seL4.

The project is now on github: GitHub - cl91/NeptuneOS: Neptune OS: A Windows NT personality for the seL4 microkernel. The entire system fits in a floppy (download link: Release Release 0.1.0001 · cl91/NeptuneOS · GitHub).

Check it out! I think it’s cool! For the next release I’m planning to port the PCI stack, the AHCI stack, and a basic file system (probably fastfat.sys).