19 November 2019

Announcing the releases of seL4, CAmkES, CapDL and updates of other supporting projects.
Note that this announcement refers to a series of release commits that occurred on 19-Nov-2019.

See below for links to release notes.

In addition there are new ways to discuss seL4 and trustworthy systems:

For more information see: https://docs.sel4.systems/processes/#contact

Versioned Releases

  • seL4 11.0.0: The seL4 microkernel
  • CAmkES camkes-3.8.0: Component Architecture for microkernel-based Embedded Systems
  • CapDL 0.1.0: Collection of tools for generating, parsing and loading CapDL specifications of systems

Update notes

  • seL4 Buildsystem: System configuration and building using mostly CMake
  • seL4Test: Test suite for seL4
  • sel4bench: sel4bench contains benchmarking applications and a support library for seL4
  • user_libs: Userlevel libraries on seL4
  • The seL4 Run-time: A minimal runtime for running a C or C-compatible process in a minimal seL4 environment
  • Elfloader: For preparing the hardware for seL4 on ARM and RISC-V
  • seL4 tutorials: Collection of tutorials for learning to use seL4 and its ecosystem
  • camkes-vm: x86 Virtual Machine build as a CAmkES component
  • camkes-arm-vm: Arm Virtual Machine build as a CAmkES component
  • seL4webserver: A reference for implementing applications on seL4