Site Name Missed Opportunity

Kind of upset this isn’t called “The seL 4um” :laughing:


+1 for updating it :smile:

Naming is prone to lots of subjective bias, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think names like seL4um, seLFourum and seLForum are likely to get old pretty quick. In my personal opinion, these names with fiddly capitalisation or cutesy abbreviations just create unnecessary overhead in policing their correct usage and explaining their meaning. Case in point, see CAmkES, which after many years we’ve decided can be written Camkes. See also Node.js, where apparently you aren’t meant to pronounce the JS, yet everyone does:

My vote is in favour of keeping the URL as sel4.discourse, and not policing what people call it – seL4 discourse, seL4 forum, whatever. In cases where a 12-character name is needed, I think seL4 Forum is OK

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Hey @michael.sproul those are all great points. It was more of a joke and not a serious call for changing the name. I apologize if it came off as a criticism. I think it’s great the space was brought into existence and maintained by the great people at Data61 and I agree sel4.discourse is a great name, clear, and unambiguous.

I don’t have permission to delete the post so any admin can feel free to do so as it doesn’t really add anything to the seL4 community.

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I maybe stated my case a bit too seriously – we were having some internal discussions about how to brand some stuff related to the site, and it was suggested I make my case against “seLFourum” on discourse :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate the creativity and humour of the name, so no need to delete the post :slight_smile:

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Ah, that makes sense :+1: