seL4test get stuck in FPU0001 test on qemu-arm-virt with givc3 enable

HI, I’m recently doing some works on a platform with gicv3, and I decide to run some tests on the qemu arm platform for better debugging.
The default qemu configuration sets gicv2 as the default IRQ controller. So I modified some configurations in the plat config files and simulators scripts to switch to gicv3:
First, I added some code in elfloader plat init section to enable the power feilds of gicv3.

// tools/seL4/elfloader-tool/src/plat/qemu-arm-virt/platform_init.c:
+static void wakeup_pe()
+    /* only wake up the core 0 since not using smp */
+    volatile unsigned int* p = (volatile unsigned int*)(0x80a0000 + 0x14);
+    while(*p & 4)
+    {
+        *p = *p & ~2;
+    }

/* Reset the virtual offset for the platform timer to 0 */
void platform_init(void)
+    wakeup_pe();

And the I added the gic-version=3 to the simulator configuration file, to make simulator start qemu arm virt with gicv3.

// tools/seL4/cmake-tool/helpers/simulation.cmake:150
            set(sim_machine "virt,gic-version=3")

Last I modified the plat config file in seL4 kernel.

// kernel/src/plat/qemu-arm-virt/config.cmake:

                set(QEMU_MACHINE "virt")
+                list(APPEND QEMU_MACHINE "gic-version=3")

        TIMER_FREQUENCY 62500000
        MAX_IRQ 159
        NUM_PPI 32
        TIMER drivers/timer/arm_generic.h
-        INTERRUPT_CONTROLLER arch/machine/gic_v2.h
+       INTERRUPT_CONTROLLER arch/machine/gic_v3.h
        CLK_MAGIC 4611686019llu
        CLK_SHIFT 58u
        KERNEL_WCET 10u


    DEP "KernelPlatformQEMUArmVirt"
-     CFILES src/arch/arm/machine/gic_v3.c src/arch/arm/machine/l2c_nop.c
+    CFILES src/arch/arm/machine/gic_v3.c src/arch/arm/machine/l2c_nop.c

Now compile and run:

$ ../ -DPLATFORM=qemu-arm-virt && ninja
$ ./simulate
$ ./simulate: QEMU command: qemu-system-aarch64 -machine virt,gic-version=3 -cpu cortex-a53 -nographic  -m size=2G  -kernel images/sel4test-driver-image-arm-qemu-arm-virt
$ Test FPU0000 passed
$ Starting test 36: FPU0001
$ Running test FPU0001 (Ensure multiple threads can use FPU simultaneously)
# got stuck here

So can some one tells me did I miss some points or are there some bugs in qemu with gicv3? Thanks!

I used gdb to find the points:

Breakpoint 6, fpu_worker (p1=268502608, p2=65536, p3=0, p4=0) at /host/projects/sel4test/apps/sel4test-tests/src/tests/fpu.c:78
78          return num_preemptions;
(gdb) c

Breakpoint 6, fpu_worker (p1=268502600, p2=65536, p3=0, p4=0) at /host/projects/sel4test/apps/sel4test-tests/src/tests/fpu.c:78
78          return num_preemptions;
(gdb) p num_preemptions
$12 = 0

Here may be always 0 returned from the fpu_worker() threads which means it was never preempted.
Here is the code:

// projects/sel4test/apps/sel4test-tests/src/tests/fpu.c:
static int
fpu_worker(seL4_Word p1, seL4_Word p2, seL4_Word p3, seL4_Word p4)
    volatile double *state = (volatile double *)p1;
    int num_iterations = p2;
    static volatile int preemption_counter = 0;
    int num_preemptions = 0;

    while (num_iterations >= 0) {
        int counter_init = preemption_counter;

        /* Do some random calculation (where we know the result). */
        double a = fpu_calculation();

        /* It's workaround to solve precision discrepancy when comparing
         * floating value in FPU from different sources */
        *state = a;
        a = *state;

        /* Determine if we were preempted mid-calculation. */
        if (counter_init != preemption_counter) {


    return num_preemptions;

So, why the result came up while gicv3 enabled but not with gicv2, How to solve it?

I just had the same with an ODROID_XU4_release_clang_32 sel4test run, Odroid uses GICv2, so it’s not GICv3 related, other than that the timing might be slightly different with GICv3 making it easier to trigger the bug.