seL4 under Genode or not under Genode?

I see that Genode’s framework can operate on top of the seL4 kernel.

As a new developer for both Genode and seL4, I was wondering if:

  • anyone here has worked on porting a project to a raw seL4 distribution out from under Genode’s framework
  • anyone else is interested in their progress on PinePhone driver support
  • is seL4 mobile friendly regarding power usage

My goal is to make a seL4 PinePhone distribution under GPL rather than AGPL licensing and I need to know what the best development platform is on seL4.

It may be possible using seL4’s virtualization mechanisms to run a PinePhone Linux distribution as a guest VM, but otherwise seL4 doesn’t provide a general purpose dynamic OS platform equivalent to Genode.

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Thanks for your reply.