seL4 receives the ACM Software System Award!

The 2022 ACM Software System Award recognises seL4 as the first industrial-strength, high-performance operating system to have been the subject of a complete, mechanically-checked proof of full functional correctness, proofs of enforcement of the core security properties of integrity and confidentiality, a proof to the binary code of the kernel, and the first sound and complete worst-case execution-time analysis of a protected mode OS.

The award, recognising the development of a software system that has had a lasting influence, goes to Gernot Heiser, University of New South Wales; Gerwin Klein, Proofcraft; Harvey Tuch, Google; Kevin Elphinstone, University of New South Wales; June Andronick, Proofcraft; David Cock, ETH Zurich; Philip Derrin, Qualcomm; Dhammika Elkaduwe, University of Peradeniya; Kai Engelhardt; Toby Murray, University of Melbourne; Rafal Kolanski, Proofcraft; Michael Norrish, Australian National University; Thomas Sewell, University of Cambridge; and Simon Winwood, Galois.

We are committed to make sure that seL4’s recognised “lasting influence” live on for the decades ahead!