Request to map a specific physical address from a userspace application

I have managed to boot sel4 on ZCU102 using the instructions from the following link:

I want to map a specific physical address into a userspace application. The addresses are currently not listed in the device tree.

Do we need to have a specific memory region setup in the device tree? If so, how do we reference that when setting up the page mappings?

Are there any guidelines on that?

Thank you in advance

It shouldn’t be necessary to add the region to the device tree. Unless the region is declared as a kernel-reserved region, device untypeds are provided to user level. If you run sel4test for the platform, you can look at the full set of device untypeds passed to the initial task. Here is a link to a ZCU102 sel4test run: mcs: update AUXUPD comment for verification · seL4/seL4@3ae685a · GitHub