Keynotes for seL4 summit 2023 announced

We are pleased to announce that the two keynotes for the seL4 summit 2023 will be Gage from NCSC and Sam Leffler from Google! Gage will talk about Scoping assurance activities with seL4 and Sam about CantripOS: An OS for Ambient ML Applications.

Gage is an Assurance Lead in NCSC with expertise in cryptography, software assurance and verification. He is part of a larger team that seeks to provide assurance and articulate risk for a wide range of products and customers. Whilst he is not a product developer himself, he has been responsible for presenting assurance cases for products that rely on seL4 to uphold security requirements.


Sam Leffler has worked at Google for nearly 15 years. He was part of the original team that developed ChromeOS and the ChromeBook, was responsible for the networking components of Project Loon, and worked on various infrastructure projects before joining Project Sparrow to help build the CantripOS embedded operating system. Prior to joining Google he was an independent contractor focused on wireless networking and operating systems. Before contracting he worked for VMware, Silicon Graphics, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and the Computer System Research Group (CSR) at UC Berkeley where he was responsible for the 4.2BSD release of the UNIX operating system. At CSRG he co-designed and implemented many of the facilities found in contemporary UNIX systems including sockets, networking support (IP/TCP), reliable signals, and more.