‘Caught cap fault ...' while porting to the imx6ull

I have ported the sel4 to my im6ull board. It runs will before dropping to the user space. after that, serical com arise errors like:
Caught cap fault in send phase at address 0

while trying to handle:

vm fault on data at address 0x10076008 with status 0x1008

in thread 0xffeef200 “sel4test-driver” at address 0x5fdfc

With stack:

0x10074e38: 0x0

0x10074e3c: 0x513

0x10074e40: 0x1

0x10074e44: 0x0

0x10074e48: 0x5

0x10074e4c: 0x90820

0x10074e50: 0x0

0x10074e54: 0x907e8

0x10074e58: 0x1000

0x10074e5c: 0x10074e6c

0x10074e60: 0x1000

0x10074e64: 0x907e8

0x10074e68: 0x10074e84

0x10074e6c: 0x0

0x10074e70: 0x10074e84

0x10074e74: 0x5fab4

Errors trigger by Location file:sel4test/projects/sel4test/apps/sel4test-driver/src/main.c
Errors tracing :mian->main_continued->plat_init->clk_set_freq->_arm_set_freq->clk_get_freq(_arm_get_freq):uint32_t v = clk_regs.alg->pll_arm.val;
then it jump to kernel like:arm_vector_table-> arm_data_abort_exception->c_handle_data_fault->c_handle_data_fault->c_handle_vm_fault->handleVMFaultEvent->handleFault->handleDoubleFault
then the above error occurs.

How could I do? I have no idea. by the way it work will on the qemu. and the problem also occurs when init the GPT .

Are you able to make a PR or point to a branch with your port on it? There is a chance that the error is caused by the libplatsupport clock drivers being incomplete for your board or assuming that configurations from other imx6 platforms apply in the same way when they may not.

There is no branch on the sel4test project. Some information from manifest like this:
project name=“seL4.git” path=“kernel” revision=“87f5992d128e188e4cd9f039ef77e51cfb5606d0” upstream=“master” dest-branch=“master”
project name=“seL4_libs.git” path=“projects/seL4_libs” revision=“6de224998b2482bae13685251ef13bf76a50f5a1” upstream=“master” dest-branch=“master”
project name=“sel4test.git” path=“projects/sel4test” revision=“f65e92d7967da7c1619ff9f3d34853b1f579a245” upstream=“master” dest-branch=“master”

I will try again.